Lessons in Leadership

From hiring the best, to developing and retaining your talent, read our latest to accelerate you and your team’s leadership potential.

Beth’s Best: Top Companies to Work For

By now, most people are aware that Zappos has become the gold standard when it comes to employee satisfaction. They aren’t the only company getting it right out there. There are lots of lesser-known, midsize organizations that have no trouble attracting and retaining...

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Recipe For Success: The Best Work Environments

In order to get the most from employees, it’s essential to create a positive work environment for all members of the team, from the CEO all the way through entry-level associates. When people feel engaged, supported, and happy, their performance improves and...

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Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning and dedication to bringing out the best in others are strands woven throughout her career and are found in her work with Executive Velocity, a top talent and leadership development advisory firm.