Lessons in Leadership

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How to Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap

The workplace has traditionally consisted of “old-timers” with 20 to 30 years of experience under their belts and the young “hot-shots” who know-it-all. The younger workers have historically viewed older workers as stuck in their ways. Older workers have historically...

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Inspired Company Meetings Will Energize Employees

Over the years that I have been working with an insurance company, that has grown from a steady family company to a managed-growth company with a vision to be the insurance partner of choice. They are recognized for their innovative products, highly skilled associates...

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From Ordinary to Awesome Employee-Manager One-to-One’s

Many of my clients have taken up the routine of having one-to-one meetings with their direct reports. And that‘s the problem; these meetings often become routine and dull. So, how do you as a manager-leader, have awesome one-to-ones that both you and your employees...

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What Is Your Company’s Kentucky Derby?

Each year on the first Saturday of May, thousands of spectators head to Churchill Downs to experience the greatest two minutes in sports. This is the premier event to the other two Triple Crown races. But what made it the premier event? My belief is that it's all...

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