Lessons in Leadership

From hiring the best, to developing and retaining your talent, read our latest to accelerate you and your team’s leadership potential.

Company Culture During Rapid Growth

As a consultant and coach, I have experienced a lot of company cultures over the years both good and bad. The worst are the companies where you can’t figure out what their culture really is, you walk away a bit confused wondering what gets employees excited to come to...

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New to Leadership? You Need These 4 Tips To Succeed!

It’s the opportunity you’ve been working towards. You’ve exceeded performance goals, collaborated seamlessly with colleagues and surpassed your boss’ expectations. Now, you’ve been given a promotion. It means a chance to have greater control over your work and take a...

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The Benefits of the Johari Window Model

Developed in 1955 by researchers Joseph Lust and Harrison Ingham, the Johari window is a psychological assessment tool designed to be used in a group setting for the purpose of identifying how individuals in a group perceive one another. The tool is used to answer the...

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The Leadership Feedback Loop

The term feedback loop has been around for years and it has been helping organizations around the world to develop their leadership style. However, I believe that it is a tool that has been greatly overlooked and something that many leaders could benefit from. When it...

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Communication De-Railers and How to Get Back on Track

Have you recently misread your audience or failed to engage your team during a meeting? Have you experienced blank stares, silence, apathy and disinterest? There are times when leaders fail to inspire their employees, and the risk to the organization is a loss of...

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Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning and dedication to bringing out the best in others are strands woven throughout her career and are found in her work with Executive Velocity, a top talent and leadership development advisory firm.