Lessons in Leadership

From hiring the best, to developing and retaining your talent, read our latest to accelerate you and your team’s leadership potential.

Networked Leadership

I recently read an article discussing leadership in the 21st century and the importance of leaders being networked outside of their organization and the impact that good networked leaders can have on their organizations as well as the global community as a whole. We...

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Picking your next CEO- Peel the Leadership Onion

Too often companies identify the future leaders by a less than systematic way which can result in the promotion not meeting expectations.  This is especially true when a leader is elevated to the CEO position.  If you are in the midst of evaluating future leaders for...

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10 Questions to Powerful Leadership

Leaders can spend more time talking and less time listening to their team members and generally it is because the questions they ask are not uncovering what they need and want to know. Often this is because leaders believe they should have most of the answers or...

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Communication Derailers

As a leader, the quality of your communications is critical to your success. A good 80% of the executive coaching work I do involves communications that need to be adjusted. Communication is interactional because there is an exchanging of roles throughout the process....

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Hiring For Company Fit

When it comes to hiring for an open position in your organization it is important to look at candidates from multiple vantage points.  The correct qualifications need to be there of course, but there are also some soft skills that need to be measured you look for and...

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3 Ways to Keep Entitlement Mentality Out of Your Company

The culture of entitlement is rampant in corporate America. Whether someone has been an executive for years and believes they just need to show up to get a bonus or if they are fresh out of college after being never allowed to fail in school. Either way, they’ve been...

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Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning and dedication to bringing out the best in others are strands woven throughout her career and are found in her work with Executive Velocity, a top talent and leadership development advisory firm.