Guiding Growth through a Strategic Leadership Approach

Eric V. Holtzclaw shares how he steered success through executive coaching and succession planning.

Beth excels in understanding the strengths of leadership teams and pinpointing areas for improvement. She offers a comprehensive approach, including diagnosis, prescription, and accountability. She utilizes a 90-day plan with milestones and ensures feedback from colleagues, fostering a 360-degree accountability system.

In terms of succession planning, Beth helps in identifying high potentials and facilitates career conversations, preparing the next generation of leaders. She challenges traditional views of succession planning, emphasizing finding individuals who excel rather than merely replicating the current leader. In collaboration with EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), Beth aids in identifying leadership competencies crucial for the company’s growth, providing prescriptions for improvement. Overall, Beth’s expertise extends from individual leadership development to company-wide growth strategies, making her an invaluable asset to any organization.

Eric V. Holtzclaw, Chief Strategist, Liger

“Having someone like Beth is like shining a spotlight on our blind spots. She’s adept at identifying where we may have shortfalls in leadership competencies that hinder our growth. Her honest assessments and prescriptions for improvement have been instrumental in steering our company towards success.”

Eric V. Holtzclaw
Chief Strategist, Liger


Beth has been instrumental in helping our leadership team identify and address areas for development that were holding them back individually and impacting the team’s overall effectiveness.

Beth’s expertise lies in understanding the intricacies of leadership dynamics within organizations. She conducts thorough assessments to identify areas where individual leaders may be able to grow in their leadership capabilities. Once these areas are identified, Beth works closely with the leadership team to develop tailored plans for improvement. These plans often involve targeted goals, milestones, and regular check-ins to ensure progress is being made. By enhancing leadership skills, Beth helps the team function more effectively and achieve its goals, ultimately driving the company forward.

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