Becoming an Effective, Empathetic, and Dynamic Leader

Bruce Peddle celebrates his turbocharged advancement through our executive coaching.

Our experience with Executive Velocity has been transformative, both personally and organizationally. The coaching has brought about significant developments in self-awareness, active listening, and effective communication among our key leaders. This has led to improved accountability and more consistent recognition of achievements, showing that investing in our leaders is fruitful.

A remarkable aspect of Executive Velocity’s approach is their impartial coaching and management training, which many of our leaders had not previously received. The regularly scheduled meetings fostered a culture of accountability and continual growth. This personalized coaching has reshaped me not just as a leader and coach, but also in my roles as a manager, parent, and husband. The emphasis on patience, empathy, and active listening has enhanced how I interact with everyone around me, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Matthew Inkmann,<br />
Senior Director - Advertising Sales at LPi
“Our teams are more engaged, stay longer, get promoted, and consistently exceed expectations, thanks to the alignment with the strategies and initiatives advised by Executive Velocity.”

Bruce Peddle
Divisional President,
Jencap Insurance Services


During pivotal leadership and partnership changes, including the sale of our business, Executive Velocity was a key trusted advisor. Their guidance in managing transitions, understanding new responsibilities, and handling various personalities was invaluable. This support extended to challenges like managing change and empathizing with others while maintaining accountability. Their coaching also aided in managing second-generation leaders and new reports following the sale.

The personal growth I’ve experienced through Executive Velocity’s coaching has led to a more collaborative, empathetic, and effective leadership style. This gradual yet substantial improvement has significantly boosted my confidence and decision-making within the organization.

The impact on team dynamics and productivity is evident. Our teams are more engaged, show a greater propensity to stay and grow within the organization, and consistently exceed expectations over time. This alignment has been a key factor in our ongoing success and growth.

Executive Velocity’s coaching and advisory services have been pivotal in shaping a more effective, empathetic, and dynamic leadership and team environment within our organization.

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