About Executive Velocity

Build Leaders and Talent Today
for Your Company’s Tomorrow.

Successful organizations are built on people. Your employees are your number one asset. Rigorously planning for future talent needs while continuously hiring, developing and deploying great talent is the only way to achieve velocity.

Good isn’t good enough. Great organizations are built with Great people.

According to McKinsey and company, the productivity gap between average and high performers ranges from 50 percent to as high as 800 percent.

  • Are you attracting the talent you need to be successful?
  • Is your hiring process designed to eliminate bias?
  • Are your managers trained in interviewing skills?

Executive Velocity ensures your organization hires great talent.

Develop and Grow your Talent or Lose Your Best Employees.

According to Glassdoor, 46% of Millennials left their last job due to lack of career growth. The #1 factor that matters to Millennials in the companies they work for is growth opportunities.

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised by Millennials. Are you prepared to develop and grow this talent pool?

  • Does Development Planning take place consistently across your organization?
  • Are managers trained on creating and monitoring development plans?
  • Can managers identify and coach high potential team members?
  • Are new managers set up for success?

Executive Velocity ensures your organization develops key talent.

Plan Your Future Workforce to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

A perfect storm is brewing in the job market. Baby Boomers continue to retire at an unprecedented rate, while 60% of Millennials’ are open to a new job and 21% changed jobs in the past year.

  • Are you preparing your company for talent changes?
  • Do you know where your future leaders will come from?
  • Which positions are key to organizational success?
  • Is your succession plan implemented effectively for your key positions?

Executive Velocity develops effective succession plans.