It is that time of the year once again, the clocks fall back as trees shed their leaves. I have always marveled at a deciduous plant’s ability to shed itself in the fall and then reemerge in the spring with new energy. The process allows plants to conserve water during the winter months and provides a plant the opportunity to repair leaves damaged during the spring and summer by harsh weather and insects. And for flowering plants, losing their leaves provides them with an increased effectiveness in pollination the following year yielding more seeds to insure for survival and an increased population.

So if shedding leaves has so many benefits to plants and trees, what can we learn from Mother Nature? Why do so many professionals continue to take on more and more in their lives, both personally and professionally?

What can you shed from your long list of “to do’s”? How would it feel if you planned time to rest and repair? And as a leader, what would be the benefits of encouraging your high performers of shedding some of their “to dos” off their list?

The past eighteen months has been a challenging time for executives and business owners as well as line employees, all of whom have had to take on more versus less. How on earth, you wonder, can you take time to rest and replenish?

One of my favorite books is The Power of Full Engagement, and it outlines a process of energy management and renewal. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read this book yet, I would highly recommend doing so. This book is one that I read once a year to reinforce the importance of replenishing and managing my personal energy to becoming increasingly more effective.

What’s your plan to reenergize?