By now, most people are aware that Zappos has become the gold standard when it comes to employee satisfaction. They aren’t the only company getting it right out there. There are lots of lesser-known, midsize organizations that have no trouble attracting and retaining top talent.

Kabbage: Creating a Community

One look at the Kabbage jobs page and it’s obvious that the company is doing something different to attract great people. From providing free parking, top of the line equipment and comfy chairs to share options and full benefits packages, the organization’s founders made culture a priority when launching and growing this financial-services tech startup. Employees are encouraged to be themselves, and are allowed to take on new roles and responsibilities outside of their job descriptions. The company has cultivated a strong sense of community—team members genuinely like each other and are encouraged to engage in recreational activities together like Ping-Pong games, yoga classes, company-sponsored lunches, and more.

Employees know that their input is valued at Kabbage. Regular town halls and team huddles are a time not for leaders to talk at their teams, but for teams to share ideas and input among each other. The open communication that the company has fostered has made it an industry leader by redefining corporate culture.

Infusionsoft: The Power of Positive Feedback

Infusionsoft is known as a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation services, and they have no trouble attracting talent. They are so confident in their hiring, training, and onboarding practices that they offer new employees $5,000 to leave if they feel as though the organization isn’t the right fit. They have only ever had a single employee take them up on the offer. The company believes in positive rewards and they have some unique programs in place: the employee of the month gets the keys to the company Camaro, exemplary employees receive $500 and an extra day off, and all employees get to enjoy early-release Fridays.

Infusionsoft has also made a commitment to transparency. Employees are actively encouraged to provide feedback during weekly huddles and monthly town hall meetings, in which leadership participates, and the company posts up-to-date company financials outside the CEO’s office door.

Etsy: Understanding Employee Values

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This online marketplace for artists employs around 500 creative people. Anyone who has ever led teams of creatives knows that they can often be difficult to manage because they are less task-oriented than other personality types. The leaders at Etsy have found the right formula for managing their team, however, cultivating a workplace that enjoys low turnover and highly engaged and productive employees.

Teams are encouraged to get together for happy hour events, the company offers crafting classes and gives employees $100 to spend on Etsy goods to decorate their workspaces. They understand that social responsibility is important to their millennial workforce, and they support those values by offering locally-sourced lunches, a bike room, and compost bins.

The one element that all of these organizations have in common is the fact that they invest in human capital. They aren’t spending a great deal of money on salaries and benefits, rather, they create a work environment where employees feel valued and understand just how their work makes a difference each day.

Think about the adjustments your business could make in improving employee satisfaction and becoming one of the top companies to work for.