Yes, it is a huge disaster and they have yet to find a solution but why has it taken so long? I believe it is lack of leadership. BP is a huge company with billions of dollars of resources and I am sure a huge risk management department and yet they seem to be making up solutions day to day.

As a leader what learnings can you take from their disaster which will make your company stronger and more resilient? How are decisions made in your organization? Can improvements be made to the decision making process that would eliminate the risk of potential disasters to your organization?

Somewhere along the way BP’s decision making and risk management processes failed. If you and your leadership team haven’t already analyzed these areas within your company now is the time.  Don’t wait for a disaster, plan for one, put contingency and multiple back up plans in place and be accountable for both the successes and disasters.

Image Credit: The Stock Exchange ( User: svilen001