The term “employee engagement” has become popular over the past decade, but what does it really mean – and should it be the ultimate goal of an employer?  I think not. I would argue that employee passion should be the ultimate goal, and here’s why:

Employee engagement is the state of employees being committed to the mission and vision of an organization which results in a higher level of performance that generally is only seen internally in an organization. My belief is that an organization not only should strive for a high level of employee engagement but also focus on creating a high level of employee passion that can be seen externally and is displayed to the company’s community, whether it be local, regional, national, or global.

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Employee passion is much like the concept that Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles wrote about in their book “Raving Fans” – the goal being that your employees are so passionate about the company they work for that they are recruiting future employees and bringing in new customers.  Much of the process of creating employee passion can be found in this book. As you read it, substitute the word “customer” for “employee” to create a plan for developing a high level of employee passion in your company.

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