For those of you who are interested in learning more about employee engagement for your organization, I would personally recommend the following reading:

Rewards offer the best motivation for your team! Au contraire, says Daniel H. Pink in Drive. In his book, he suggests that the secret to success, in all facets of life, is the need to direct, control, and lead our own lives.

Pink dives right in to the juxtaposition of what science says and what business does. Explaining that there are three elements of true motivation; autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Of which he gives tips on how to utilize to transform how we live.


We have heard for years that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to, however this book explains why that is no longer the case. Every great leader has one common denominator:  trait. Without hesitation a great leader will break every rule that conventional wisdom has set.

In today’s labor market we see that companies throw everything at their disposal towards employees to try and keep their retention high, however that is no longer enough. Regardless of how much a company pays, if it lacks a great leader, the company will suffer. It is a companies job to find leaders and utilize their strengths rather than overcome their weakness. This book gives you the measuring stick with which you can measure an employees worth.


“The Dream Job” is quickly fading away and as managers we do not have an efficient and practical way keep the moral and retention up. Until now…

This book covers the story of a fictional company grappling with all too real issues in the work place today. It dives into the idea of how to keep employees happy. Money? Title? Promotion? When in reality it is much simpler than that.

The true issue is brought to life when managers find out their employees aren’t happy and what needs to change to fix that. Through the simple act of giving them something to strive for and encouragement we can once again bring back the “Dream Job”!

I have read all of them and they are excellent. They provide different perspectives and insights into employee engagement. In addition, the following books are on my Kindle waiting to be read in the following order:

The Chief Engagement Officer explores a managing style where leaders open up decision making situations to people who could offer points and perspectives from multiple vantage points, and not just one person but everyone, AKA employee engagement. John Smythe reviews; the concept of engagement and how it truly effects the employee as well as the employer, how does it differ from internal communication, and provides tips on how to engage the employees on a more practical level, based on applied experience.


The search is on!  The constant search for the organization of the future, one that can produce high-quality goods at an efficient rate, without destroying the planet or degrading human life. The End of Management and the Rise of Organizational Democracy is intent to find the organizational initiatives that it would take to move organizations to an “organizational democracy.” Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith discuss the new new opportunities, alternatives, and models that leaders would have to take to transform their workplace environment into one built on a foundation of values, ethics, and integrity.


There are areas of management that are tougher than others, and Jerry Manas took it upon himself to help us through these murky waters that we tread.  In his book, Managing the Gray Areas, he gives insight on how to handle the difficult and delicate issues that arise on a day-to-day basis as a leader in today’s workplace.

He offers a set of guidelines, principles, and tools that if utilized correctly can get you through even the toughest of situations.  If you believe that leadership is about seeing the situation from all angles and not just black-and-white, then this book is for you!


With the cost of replacing an employee at an all time high, and the rush needed for new talent, it is critical to value employee retention now more than ever.

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em is a strategy guide with countless ways in which you can keep your team happy.  Each chapter dives into a new company and the issues they faces, the tactics they followed, and the benefits they reaped by setting forth a game plan.

Here’s to all of you who embrace employee engagement as a key to organizational success and sustainability. Happy reading and learning.