I don’t know about you but I am so weary of the acrimony in congress about the healthcare bill. Up until recently I felt like both sides were acting like children, neither party wanted to “play nice”. Then I started to think more about how our government is organized and how bills actually become law which makes me wonder if our government system is flawed.

Now I know I just angered some of you but before you start sending me hate email, please let me explain what has lead me to this thought. It all stems from the difference between compromise and collaboration. I recently read a post about the differences between compromise and collaboration.

After reading this, it became clear to me that our government system of having two legislative groups, the house and the senate, and the process of two different bills going through resolution is basically a form of compromise. Our laws are all about compromise and not collaboration. Compromise is when people or groups of people are working from their own set of perspectives and beliefs which leads to a solution that is less than optimal, often watered down and in some cases worse than no solution.

What would it take for congress to move to a more collaborative law making process? And is it possible with the way that our government is currently governed? I think our system gets in the way of optimal laws being passed.

It really makes me wonder how much stronger our country could be if ALL of our politicians could set aside their individual long standing beliefs by becoming aware of their filters that mold these beliefs. What would a collaborative solution to healthcare look like if each politician could step into the shoes of the opposing side and take into account multiple perspectives versus only theirs? How can they do this within the current governmental framework?

I have to believe that the solution would be a much stronger one that would solve the real problem-rising healthcare costs. None of the “solutions” on the table right now address this issue.

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