First, click here to watch this video from Air New Zealand.

Yes, this is a bit extreme, and you would probably never ask your employees to participate in a project like this. But it should make you curious as to how far your employees would be willing to go for you and your company.

When was the last time you asked them to commit to a project or initiative that was outside their comfort zone?  And what was their reaction?

If they pushed back on the idea, what strategy did you use to influence them into changing their minds so that they willingly and happily participated?

I would suspect that in the case of Air New Zealand, there was a mixture of leadership influence and personal motivation by the individual participants. The people that volunteered probably liked this type of attention and the opportunity to have “exposure” on a TV advertisement. At the same time, there was a leader who had a vision and was able to convey the vision passionately and influence people to follow.

How effective are you at influencing others to follow? And are you creating an environment that encourages employee engagement?

As an update, the leader who had the vision is the silver-haired guy, body-painted as a baggage handler. He is the CEO of Air New Zealand. Now that’s leadership!

Image Credit: The Stock Exchange ( User: duchesssa