As our country starts to “open up”, one thing is for certain, virtual meetings are not going away. In fact, many companies have started to assess the need for office space or having everyone in the office, even after we get through this health crisis.

There has been reports of Zoom burnout lately, and this article from KelloggInsight provides some great techniques specific to “cross talk” that we have all experienced on video calls. All of the six techniques come from the world of improv comedy.

Read about the six techniques:

  1. Cueing signals like CB handles
  2. Beats to keep meetings on track and people focused
  3. Object Work to create connections in a virtual world
  4. Patterns to provide predictability to meetings
  5. Intentions to decrease misunderstandings and negative intentions
  6. Runners to make meetings a shared experience

My favorite technique is object work by bringing a real or imaginary object to the meeting. If it’s a real object, then the employee can play “show and tell”.  And with an imaginary object the employee can pretend to bring it to the video meeting by using mime techniques, which creates an opportunity for other team members to share what they think it really looks like. In the article, the object is a box with a present inside.

Which one resonates the most with you? And how do you plan on incorporating it into your next video meeting?