It’s been over a month since most of us were sent packing back to our home offices. And in many cases, we didn’t have home offices and had to quickly carve out space in our apartments, condos, or homes. This was just the first hurdle to overcome in the new world of work.

As leaders we have had to adapt our communication styles, meeting rhythms, and up our emotional intelligence to effectively keep our employees engaged. This article from the US Chamber of Commerce outlines six things leaders should be doing to keep their employees engaged.

I would add a 7th technique to the list and that is to have regular meetings: team AND 1-1 meetings. The team meetings should include an opening icebreaker to immediately get everyone involved in the meeting. It can be easy as “Peach and Pit”- each team member shares one good thing and one bad thing that has happened since the last meeting.

What would you add to the list?