I am thankful to Dan McCarthy for allowing me to host November’s Leadership Carnival. This month features a wonderful collection of insights on How Leaders Influence and Impact the Performance of Employees. I want to thank the many contributors who helped make this possible.

I have included contributors’ twitter handles and encourage you to follow them on twitter in addition to reading their insights on great leadership.

S. Chris Edmonds’ of Driving Results Through Culture submitted- Positive Proof that Culture Works Culture matters! Boost your team’s performance, engagement, & service with an organizational constitution. http://bit.ly/1rMknvO @scedmonds

Dan McCarthy of About.com Management and Leadership shares- : Live. Die. Repeat. 10 Ways to Kill Your Best Employees Are you inadvertently demotivating your best employees with stretch assignments, job rotations, and labels? Find out: http://abt.cm/1rS1Y0Q @greatleadership

Jill Malleck can be found at Out of the Bluestocking at Epiphany at Work and this month recommends Replace Criticism with Critique (Parts One and Two) Critiquing, instead of forcing people to disengage from their work, allows you to acknowledge their personal pride. http://bit.ly/ZWAtfc @epiphanyatwork

Joel Garfinkle’s Career Advancement Blog features 5 Ways to Develop Executive Presence With executive presence, you have a magnetism that draws others to you. Learn how to cultivate executive presence here http://bit.ly/1tFuAyz

Robyn McLeod writes about One way you might be killing morale How leaders need to be bold enough to target trouble spots rather than taking broad-brush actions that affect everyone @ThoughtfulLdrs

John Hunter’s Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog features Engage in Improving the Management System We need to seek out what is not working and address those issues to build a strong continually improving management system. @curiouscat_com

Randy Conley can be found at Leading with Trust and he shares with our readers 4 Principles for Using Your Leadership Power @RandyConley shares 4 Principles for Using Your Leadership Power.

Dana Theus’s InPower Blog focuses on How to avoid The Peter Principle and Get Ahead this month. Don’t get promoted to your level of incompetence. Learn what makes you successful at the next level. @DanaTheus

Jesse Lyn Stoner’s blog 3 Tips to Quickly Onboard New Employees 31% of new hires quit within 6 months. 3 simple tips for managers to ensure successful onboarding: http://ow.ly/DuElu @JesseLynStoner

Jonathan Moss suggests “Are You Using the Right V.I.C.E. Grip?” on Lead Change Group Using the right tools are necessary for building a team that excels beyond their perceived limits and maximizes performance. @JonathanMoss

David Burkus’s podcast series, LDRLB podcast, Episode 0522: Tanveer Naseer Tanveer Naseer on why even the best leaders of off course and how to get back on track and drive performance.” @davidburkus http://bit.ly/1zNciQy

Mary Jo Asmus recommends Your Automatic Self vs. Your Aware Self on www.aspire-cs.com Learn how to change habits that don’t serve you @mjasmus http://bit.ly/1wJdNf8

Jim Taggart writes A True Green CEO: Unilever’s Paul Polman
Leadership from the execs is key to enrolling employees in corp initiatives to reduce organizations’ carbon footprints. http://bit.ly/ZWxJhH

Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand contributes this article 3 Must Have’s To Gain Customer Attention Attention is never given it has to be earned by leaders and brands. Here are 3 tips http://goo.gl/GGSYQ8 @engagingbrand

Cliff Stevenson shares on The Productivity Blog this month: Focused on Improving Employee Performance The role of coaching in performance management has been egregiously ignored in business, & the time to fix that problem is now. @CliffordDarrell @i4cp

Susan Mazza of Random Acts of Leadership shares her recent post How to Access Your Greatness Zone What critical step can you take to catapult yourself into the next tier of your #GreatnessZone? @SusanMazza http://bit.ly/1G2wA9x

Jon Mertz recommends 7 Types of Leadership Intentions & Impacts On Thin Difference. Leaders’ intentions impact team performance. Where do your intentions fall on this scale? http://bit.ly/1s0sPYu @ThinDifference

Anne Perschel on Germane Insights suggests Five Things Inspirational Leaders Tell Us If you want employees to do a job – pay them. If you want them to go the extra mile – inspire them. http://bit.ly/1pb66xt @bizshrink

Michael Lee Stallard on MichaelLeeStallard.com recommends to our readers Vince Lombardi’s Success Formula: Task + Relationship Excellence = Results Vince Lombardi never said “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” Here’s what he really said http://bit.ly/1rdlaVg @michaelstallard

Tanveer Naseer Tanveer Naseer Leadership How Successful Leaders Build Teams That Thrive – Learn about 3 tactics successful leaders use to build thriving teams that can adapt to the changing needs of their organization. “Leadership is not about you, it’s about the people you serve.” http://bit.ly/1k7k51a @TanveerNaseer

Mark Deterding from Triune Leadership Services writes on the 8 Ways a Leader Energizes Their Team Servant leaders understand that things don’t revolve around them, rather it is all about the team! The leader’s role is to nurture an environment that builds enthusiasm and energy around the work being done. The level of energy and performance within the team rests squarely on the leader’s shoulders @mwdeterding http://bit.ly/1rH49U0

Neal Burgis, Ph.D.

Leaders Influencing Employee Breakthrough this month on Practical Solutions
 How often have you had your boss help you create and produce breakthrough results you were looking for? Most likely this is a rarity for you. Many leaders want less on their plate so they do not have time to get to know their employees, let alone influence them with a slight nod. Leadership behaviors that stimulate employees’ ideas generate greater results in breakthroughs @exec_solutions bit.ly/13p5Tge

Mary Ila Ward writes for The Point and she offers up her recent post: Impacting the performance of employees when you want them to just show up, do their job and not complain Leaders impact the performance of their employees by the example they create. #leadership #thepoint @MaryIlaWard http://bit.ly/1tp7We5

Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership provides this post Use the Force, Boss When you’re the boss, influence is your superpower. Use it wisely and for good. http://bit.ly/10clwFv @wallybock