We are six months into the pandemic and many of us remain working from home. The interactions we have with our co-workers has probably become very predictable and routine. Yet stress and anxiety remain a daily reminder that we are still not back to normal.

So how are you as a leader, breaking up the routine meetings and putting a little fun back into your meetings? How are you recognizing great employees? How are your celebrating your recent wins? And most importantly, how are you maintaining your company culture that you worked so hard to build?

I recently asked some of these questions to an executive during a coaching conversation after he expressed concern about some of his employees being stressed. This got me thinking about a number of examples leaders have shared with me about techniques they have used.

This Best Places to Work company, LaSalle Network, has documented the many ways they have worked to maintain and strengthen their culture in 2020. It’s the most comprehensive list I have seen on engaging virtual teams. What techniques do you plan on incorporating with your virtual team?