Executive consultant, blogger and speaker, Beth Miller addresses typical leadership pitfalls and the importance of prioritizing talent development

February 28, 2014 (Atlanta, GA) – Executive Velocity, a leadership development and talent management advisory firm for fast-growing small and mid-sized companies, announces that Beth Armknecht Miller, CMC, president and founder, has just released a new book, “Are You Talent Obsessed? Unlocking the secrets to a workplace of raving high performers”. It is a guide for business owners and executives who want to increase their professional success, as well as that of their organization, through strategic talent development and employee engagement.

“Are You Talent Obsessed?” was written for both experienced and emerging executive leaders in small to mid-sized companies. It addresses common leadership pitfalls, including failure to empower or develop high potential talent. The book also provides guidelines and examples for effective talent development and increasing employee engagement.

“As a consultant to executives in companies of all sizes, I often saw an organization’s potential wasn’t being fully realized because while the leaders focused on the bottom line and strategy for the company, they failed to place as much focus on the foundation of their people,” said Miller. “I created this guide to serve as an easy-to-use tool for these leaders to build stronger more successful companies by building more engaged teams.”

“Are You Talent Obsessed?” features:

  • Top three reasons for being a talent obsessed leader
  • How being talent obsessed benefits the leader, the organization and the individual contributors
  • Five steps to becoming a talent obsessed leader
  • Self-assessment, checklist and action items that can be used immediately

“Are You Talent Obsessed?” is available now on Amazon or through the Executive Velocity website.

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