Onboarding Virtual EmloyeesWhile many companies have stopped hiring during the worldwide pandemic, there are still companies that continue to hire. Big companies like Amazon and Walmart are well known examples of companies that are hiring.

There are also small to midsize companies who are in industries who haven’t been affected by the practice of Stay in Place and Social Distancing. This article from Fast Company, focuses on what you as a leader can do to effectively onboard new employees when everyone is working from home.

I especially like the idea of streamlining the number of onboarding activities to create long-term engagement and productivity. And an idea I would add, integrating the hiring assessment tool that you used into the conversation amongst other team members. Business DNA is a tool that many of my clients use in the hiring, development and team communications. It will provide a common language for employees to understand and communicate to each other.

I’m interested in hearing from those of you who are hiring, what are you doing differently in the onboarding process?

How to onboard new employees when you’re all working from home