Staying PositiveDuring these very uncertain times, all of us need techniques and methods to cope and more importantly, thrive. In their recent post, David Fessell and Daniel Goleman start with three great questions to help you explore how you can increase the positivity in your world to come up with the techniques that are best suited for you and your emotional health during these times of social distancing.

Leading ourselves: Key questions in the time of coronavirus

Some of the recommendations are thought provoking while others are reminders of things that I have done in the past. For me, I’ve gotten into some positive rituals that I hope to keep even after the threat of COVID-19 passes. They are taking daily walks and observing the beautiful, simple things in life such as flowering plants and trees, and birds flying. I often capture the beauty and post to social media. I have continued to practice daily gratitude for all the wonder this world has to offer. And finally, I take time to mediate to help to become more present in the here and now.