The obvious benefit of a great team is that a team can accomplish much more than the sum of its members. When a team has the right people working together with the right culture and leadership, magic happens. Goals are accomplished in record time and results are exceeded.


I have found that teams that learn together, grow together. And while learning happens during team projects, it isn’t often noticed by individuals, it happens organically. Yet, teams taking a disciplined approach to learning will outperform those that don’t.


Recently I was coaching members of a team individually on specific competency gaps each of them had, some were working on the same gaps. Because of this overlap, I brought the entire coaching group together to facilitate a discussion on key learnings. Individuals were able to share their specific experiences and learnings and through the process they developed their own “language” for specific learning topics.


Another method of team learning is team coaching explored in this Forbes article. In the article, the author discusses how to work on specific team behaviors to make a team more effective.