As many of us near six months of working virtually, it’s time to reflect on what has been working for our teams and what hasn’t. And, if you are leading a team, the more important question is “what role have you played in your team’s performance?”

This article covers five habits of high-functioning teams, all of which are valid. Yet the question it leaves me with is “what should I be doing differently if my team doesn’t display these 5 habits”? Obviously the first step is to measure the habits. If your team is displaying all 5 then you have it nailed. But most of us don’t. So, identify the one habit that needs to be improved and facilitate a brainstorming session with your team to figure out how you can improve.

One method that has worked in the past is to review your meeting norms and determine if they are supporting the 5 habits. Then make adjustments to the norms and as leader facilitate to the norms.