As I watch the US Open this weekend and listen to the commentators talk about those players who have had an advantage or disadvantage due to the weather I can’t help stop thinking about how inclement weather to golfers is like the global economy is to business leaders.

The economy can play favorites and create advantages for certain industries and businesses in specific geographies. As I have been watching the US Open, in between the rain showers and delays, I’ve been reminded of some of the business leaders who because of their industry or location their businesses are in have had a much harder time surviving and thriving in this economy.

So which businesses with the disadvantages will survive? They are those whose have leadership that:

  • accept the constraints they don’t have control over
  • focus on being creative and thinking outside the box,
  • are persistent and won’t give up
  • look for the small wins to stay motivated
  • have a high degree of emotional intelligence, and
  • manage their energy

So who do you think is going to come out on top during the 2009 US Open? And with all the rain, when will it finish?

Image Credit: The Stock Exchange ( User: hummel_12