Most coaching relationships focus on helping business leaders improve their emotional intelligence (EQ). Why? Because we can’t change our IQ, but with a little bit of work, we can all improve our EQ.  We know that EQ is important when it comes to relating to our teams, but many experts argue that no matter how skilled you are in business, you’ll never truly develop leadership excellence without a high EQ.

Here are three perspectives on just how EQ can transform your leadership abilities:

Entrepreneurs: Check Your Ego at the Door

In this piece for, Shirley Engelmeier, CEO and Founder of InclusionINC, explains the importance of EQ and keeping your ego in check when running your own business. 

She points out that ego can often be an entrepreneur’s biggest stumbling block to success. She writes, “Realizing that people respond to circumstances differently might be the key to retaining a star employee or resolving issues voiced by the workforce.”

In this snack-sized article, Engelmeier offers three actionable tips for business leaders who are looking for a better way to relate to their teams and inspire engagement. She contends that without a high EQ, leaders can’t hope to develop cohesive, high-performing teams.

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Is EQ the Missing Link?

On the Random Acts of Leadership blog, personal leadership expert Susan Mazza explores the way our values can open up our EQ in her post, “The Missing Link in Performance Improvement.” Mazza discusses the importance of moving beyond standard leadership skills and qualifications, and taking a deep, introspective look within ourselves in order to grow.

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According to her piece, “When you are clear about the core values that drive your choices, both consciously and unconsciously, you gain significant access to your emotional intelligence.”

Mazza cites examples of how identifying your core values can have an impact on your EQ and your success as a leader.  She believes that tapping into those values will enhance your performance, no matter how long your list of accomplishments may currently be.

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High EQ Can Transform Your Career

Kevin Grossman takes the same position on EQ as Susan Mazza. In his piece on the Talent Culture blog, “A Good Detective Knows Emotional Intelligence Trumps IQ,” he outlines the ways in which developing a strong EQ can catapult a business leader’s career. He starts of discussing the ways in which his father’s EQ made him an effective detective, and then applies those concepts to business.  He highlights the importance of teaching and coaching in improving EQ as a leader. He writes, “Fortune Brands saw 100% of leaders who developed their EQ skills through classroom training, coaching, and online learning exceed the performance targets set for them in the company’s metric-based performance management system.”

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