In a Financial Times article by Stefan Stern, Mr. Stern offers the conclusions of a study by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones. In “Leaders Must Live Up to Their Promises,” he writes, “Mr. Goffee and Mr. Jones concluded – after speaking to followers, i.e., lower-ranking employees rather than leaders – that the best leaders brought four things to their organizations:

  • A sense of community,
  • A sense that the work is significant,
  • A sense of excitement (or fun), and
  • Authenticity (meaning that the personality and behaviour of the leader is consistent and credible).”

None of this is really of any great surprise.  The challenge to leaders is HOW to build a sense of community, work significance, and excitement, while being authentic to themselves and others. We know the goals, but what are the secrets to success?

What do you do in your organization that works? I and other readers welcome your input!

Image Credit: The Stock Exchange ( User: ispap